Product Launch

The product launch that I have identified is Ben & Jerry’s new core flavors ice cream that was launched recently. An example from the launch is a video clip published to Ben & Jerry’s official Facebook page, which can be found at:

In “Ben & Jerry’s Case Study:  Putting the Cherry on Top of Product Launches with Digital Marketing,” ZOG Digital reports on the launching by Ben & Jerry’s of this new product line. “The brand, known for making the best possible ice cream in the most sustainable way, found a way to put a core of fudge, caramel, or real raspberry jam inside an ice cream flavor, something unique to the market” (“Ben & Jerry’s Case Study…”).  Ben & Jerry’s realized that it needed something more than simply putting this new line in grocery store freezers and so in addition to regular forms of advertising digital media was utilized to create excitement.

“Ben & Jerry’s has been building its social community for years, rewarding followers with exclusive deals and using channels like Twitter and Facebook to drive conversations” (“Ben & Jerry’s Case Study…”).  So with this new launch, a buzz was created not only on these two sites, but also on Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and YouTube.

The launch was successful and word spread quickly among Ben & Jerry’s followers.  The article stated, though, that it was felt that Ben & Jerry’s should create social media-specific advertising for their products that would be reflective of the particular platform they are appearing on.

The article closes by stating “When combined with traditional marketing efforts such as press mentions and traditional advertising mediums, a brand can know that it has done everything in its power to put its new product in front of as many potential consumers as possible” (“Ben & Jerry’s Case Study…”). In our technology-driven world, social media has become a significant component of successful business marketing.

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Blogs and Microblogs

Facebook Post:

Jungle Jims, 9/11/14:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.21.20 PM

Twitter Post:

Modcloth, 9/9/14:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.29.02 PM

Blog Post:

The Etsy Blog (Story by Valerie McKeehan), 7/25/14:

Featured Shop: Lily & Val

Hi, my name is Valerie McKeehan and I’m a hand-letterer and illustrator specializing in chalkboard art. I draw all of the designs for my shop, Lily & Val.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to create. Although I never pursued any formal drawing or art training, creativity was a big part of my childhood and was always encouraged. I attribute that to my very artistic mother. My father is an entrepreneur and I get my business side from him.

I graduated from college with a degree in marketing and pursued a career in advertising, but it wasn’t until the spring of 2012 that I discovered my true passion – drawing and illustrating in chalk. By that summer, with the prompting and encouragement of my husband and family, I opened my Etsy shop. After the holiday season that same year, I was able to make Lily & Val my full-time job. Six months later, my husband, Mak, joined me as the full-time business and wholesale manager. We make a great team.

I’m so inspired by the simplicity of chalk art. It’s literally just dust on a surface, but watching a beautiful design emerge from that dust is rewarding. I begin my designs with a very rough pencil sketch. I don’t like to get too detailed in my sketch since elements and details arise when you put chalk to slate. I never really know how the dustiness will shape the pieces, but this variety produces drawings with character.

I make art about things that truly speak to me, and I hope my customers feel that connection. To me, it’s the simple things that matter most. Knowing something I created plays a part in someone’s day, adds to their wedding decor, or provides the perfect gift is incredibly satisfying. My goal is to create artwork that brings joy and encouragement.

Follow Lily & Val on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

All photographs by Chasing Eden Photography.

Pictures included in blog post can be seen at



In this relatively new age of social media, companies have taken advantage of various social media platforms to benefit their business. As a comparison for the three examples I chose, all include clear imagery as well captivating descriptions of their particular products and services. For example, in their Facebook post, Jungle Jim’s is highlighting one of the myriad of events that they host on a regular basis that adds to its unique shopping experience. This post is designed to to get to customers to come out to Jungle Jim’s to initially have a good time, but also to shop. In the next example, Modcloth uses Twitter to announce and garner excitement about a particular upcoming sale. The platform of Twitter is very effective for Modcloth’s typical demographic and the word can spread much faster through Twitter than other forms of advertising. The last example is a blog post from The Etsy Blog. This particular blog post is part of an ongoing series that features creative and successful Etsy shops. The blog platform is very effective for Etsy because it provides more room for text and detailed descriptions as well a very intimate look into the creator. Because of the nature of Etsy, this format allows like-minded people to be inspired and share in an in-depth way.

Based on this activity and considering overall effectiveness, I believe the best social media strategy for business is Twitter. Twitter is concise, expedient, and effective in conveying information to the world. It mimics the essential principles of successful business in the sense that communication has to be clear and inclusive, while effectively reaching its intended audience.

Unit 1 Activity 1 posting

The list serve for the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) is an invaluable tool for anyone who is directing or working in a Standardized Patient Program in general or specifically with the training and development of standardized patients(SPs).  Standardized patients are people who are trained to provide patient scenarios so that health care students can learn, practice and become confident and competent in history taking, physical exam and communication skills.  There are presently Standardized Patient Programs in every medical school in the United States and pretty much around the world.  At a recent conference there were representatives from over 30 different countries present.  With that large of a group, the list serve proves to be a valuable tool in connecting folks who share the same concerns as they work towards creating the best possible program to serve learner needs.  The topics discussed on the list serve can range from very basic such as “Do you use clipboards for your students?” to much more complex topics such as the best practice for assessment of student performance.

The list serve also proves to be a confidence booster in the sense that you are able to share ideas or practices that you currently use and hear other folks compliment or better yet add to what you are presently doing.  I have been able to develop different practices for our Center based on ideas and research that others have done and shared with the group.  One of the tenants of ASPE is adding to the body of knowledge in regards to SP Methodology.  The list serve allows for this to happen on a regular basis.

The list serve is hosted by the University of Washington and monitored by an ASPE member who works there.  There are rules for engagement on the list serve.  My experience has been one of having the opportunity to interact on a professional level with those who share similar responsibilities as I do.  I am grateful for this method of communication.