Unit 5 Activity: Blog Rework



2 thoughts on “Unit 5 Activity: Blog Rework

  1. Maureen:
    You did a very nice job revamping your WordPress blog! I really like the title and the theme you have chosen to reflect what you are trying to get across to your readers. I think that you have done a nice job in making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. It’s very professional and is relevant to what you are trying to accomplish in the class. Blogs can be unprofessional for many ways. They can include offensive language or pictures, but you do a nice job in keeping it clean and including your opinion where it will not be taken out of context (such as you post rewriting blogs). My only comment that you may change (if you agree) is to make your text darker for the posts themselves. The dark grey is readable, but it’s not as easily seen as black or dark blue. I like the calendar you added and you gravitar. It really adds to your blog! Thank you for sharing and good work!

    Connie Pabst


    • Connie: I really appreciate your thoughtful comments on my blog. I appreciate your noting about the text…I was unable to find a way to make it anything other than what it is without having to pay for it…do you know how to make it darker….or is it simply a matter of “bolding” it much like in word…
      Enjoy the snow!!!


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