Unit 4 Original blogs and rewrites


The link above will take you to a blog called lemonsforlulu which I located off of the main webpage of The Cincinnati Enquirer. It caught my eye because I didn’t really understand what the title of the blog was referring to and I was interested to know what topic this would be covering.

The face behind the blog

”I’m Tanya, welcome to my blog! I’m here to bring your family around the dinner table. Good food does not have to be complicated! If you have a busy family or if you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, you’ve come to the right place! This blog is about no fuss recipes made with fresh ingredients. Simple meals that will put good food on the table fast so you can spend more time with your family! “»

This particular blog focused on what I thought was going to be a recipe for Maple Orange Chicken.  While there was indeed a recipe for this as well as several poorly photographed displays of the chicken when it was finished, it started off with a story about her standing at the kitchen window watching her kids play in the leaves in the yard. This story, while heartwarming and certainly familiar to many people who as children played in the leaves, it didn’t in any way relate to this chicken recipe until she states that this whole episode of watching the kids reminds her of maple syrup and thus the connection to the recipe is established and the actual directions follow.

While the writing itself is not bad, I am confused by several aspects of this blog.  First of all…what is the “lemonsforlulu” about when the writer’s name is Tonya?  When you are photographing food for any publication, it must be of exceptional quality or it simply makes the food look less than appetizing.  If this blog is supposed to be about recipes as her biographical statement reads, then I think the food itself should “lead” the blog.  If she wishes to make it a habit to provide a short personal vignette of some sort that is related in some way to the recipe, that’s fine.  But beginning with the story and interspersing it throughout the recipe section is confusing to me.

As I said, the writing itself is acceptable but it simply needs to be reordered to first begin with the recipe and then close with a personal story if you wish that somehow  relates to the particular recipe.


Maple Orange Chicken Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 4


  • 1 whole chicken-cut
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup Dr. Pepper
  • ½ cup ketchup
  • 1 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 2 whole oranges, sliced
  • Instructions.Sprinkle seasoning and garlic over chicken pieces. Place chicken in a slow cooker.Whisk together cola, ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar and maple syrup. Pour over chicken. Place orange slices on chicken and around chicken.Cook on high for 5 hours or until done. Serve chicken with juices

On the personal side:

Is there anything less rewarding than jumping into a pile of leaves?  I was watching my kids and their friends as they played in the leaves in the backyard.  They worked so hard raking up every single leaf in the yard.  At first they raked with zeal.  The anticipation of the big jump was dangling in front of them like the proverbial carrot.  You remember jumping into leaf piles?  There was always this ideal notion that the leaf pile would be soft and downy and would cradle you like a baby’s swaddling blanket.

You would finally get your leaf pile high and fluff it up just so.  You run and dive into leaves only to hit the cold, hard ground.  Total let down.  You and your friends would pick yourself up, brush out the leaves that are now sticking in your hair (and more if you are wearing fleece), grab your rake and start all over.  Each time the leaf pile would look a tad bit less inviting.  The pile would get smaller and smaller and look much less fluffy.  By the third jump you begin to detest that rake and decide to play something new.  You leave mom and dad to rake up what is left of your fun.

Autumn makes me think not only of leaf piles and vibrant colors, but of maple syrup.  To me, maple syrup is warm and cozy.  It reminds me of big breakfasts in my flannel pajamas.  While I normally enjoy maple syrup on something sweet like pancakes or French toast, it can make savory dishes stand out.  This is why I selected this maple orange chicken recipe for today’s post.  The chicken is slow cooked in a sweet and savory maple sauce that is enhanced by the fresh oranges and their juice.  This orange chicken recipe tastes rich and delicious and is so easy to throw together.  Much easier than any leaf pile!


I searched for blogs on business and found this one that indicated it was a blog concerning business cards. I found this interesting especially on a site that is called crazyforcrust.

The first line of the blog reads “I know it’s not sugar, but humor me, mmkay? I just did a ton of research and made my first business cards so I thought I’d share the knowledge! If you need business cards, you’ll want to read my 5 Tips for Blogging Business Cards!” The site is busy with a very female oriented color scheme and lots of pictures of delicacies. In the middle of all of that are her 5 tips for the business cards. While I applaud her wanting to share her experience and her expertise with others in the hopes of helping them, I think there may have been a better approach.

Apparently according to this particular blog, “blogging conference season” is upon us and this author wanted to have business cards to take with her to the conferences to share them with other attendees. While I think some of the tips that she provides may be very useful and offered from a voice of experience, her tone and choice of words I found to be overwhelming for something I would consider to be relatively straightforward. A business card should be a reflection of the occupation you have and should present the necessary information so that a contact can be made at a future point. I felt as though parts of this blog felt like putting the finishing touches on a recipe and went into more detail than was necessary.

Her premise is that even though you are a blogger, there are times when a business card is a valuable commodity in reaching out to others. I’m still confused at this point if she is a blogger first and loves to bake, or a baker first who loves to tell folks about what she bakes….oh and by the way….let me share my recently gained expertise on how to create the perfect business card.

If I were to rewrite this, I would first acknowledge that today’s post may be a bit different from what you are used to reading at this site (recipes). The reason being, with the upcoming conventions, it is important that people be able to create contacts and have information on how to reach folks after the conference has ended. A business card is the perfect solution. Here are some things I researched about business cards and I share them with you in the hopes that you may find this useful as well.

  1.  Designs for business cards and where to find them
  2. Etiquette for business cards and where to find this information
  3. Printers of business cards and where to find them
  4. Pricing of business cards and where you can find the best deal
  5. New advances in technology that can be used on business cards.

Each section should be stated in a directional manner as opposed to prose. State the steps involved to accomplish the particular part of creating a successful business card. In this manner you have accomplished two things. You’ve actually given people good advice on how to do something that may be of interest and help to them. You’ve explained why the blog this day is different from what one may be accustomed to seeing at this location. I think both of these will create a sense of respect for your site; you are sharing expertise that you think may be of help to others.


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