Use of 4 C’s at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Social Media Sites Used:




Cognize: “A firm should first recognize and understand its social media landscape, using the honeycomb framework” (Kietzmann). I believe the University as a whole and the College of Medicine specifically is doing a good job of recognizing and understanding its social media landscape. With the rework of its website and in roads made into social media, UCCOM is being effectively put “out there” to create interest, distribute information, and to let its identity be recognized as the esteemed institution that it is.

Congruity: “A firm needs to develop strategies that are congruent with, or suited to, different social media functionalities and the goals of the firm” (Kietzmann). I believe that the UCCOM is extending resources in this direction as they realize the importance of social media and its ability to reach many, many interested persons and perhaps future supporters (monetary) of the College. It is also the means by which they can let the world know of the good work that is being done right here in Cincinnati.

Curate: “A firm must act as a curator of social media interactions and content.” This involves developing a clear understanding of how often and when a firm should chime into conversations on a social media platform and who will represent the firm online” (Kietzmann). I am not sure of how this is done at UCCOM, but my guess is that there are personnel specifically charged with doing this. Perhaps the public relations department has been charged with oversight of this particular component.

Chase: “Firms must scan their environments in order to understand the velocity of conversations and other information flows that could affect current or future position in the market” (Kietzmann). As I don’t think that conversations are the main goal of UCCOM’s use of social media, I’m not sure how monitoring of conversations would provide gain for them. I know that academia is competitive and the demand for scarce resources is intense, but I’m not sure how social media would be a useful or effective resource in this particular case.

 Works Cited:

 Kietzmann, Jan H. et al. “Social Media? Get Serious! Understanding the Functional Building Blocks of Social Media.” Business Horizons 54 (2011): 241-251. ScienceDirect. Web. 9 Oct. 2014.


3 thoughts on “Use of 4 C’s at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

  1. Under Chase you said that you were unsure of how monitoring conversation would be a gain in their case, I think it could be a gain if there was someone ready to respond to any kind of question or comment posted on their website or social site. Being able to have someone who is responsible to take action is important when you have a social website. You said the main focus of their website was not for communication but I think they could benefit from that communication of new or potential students. I always find it easier if I can ask someone a question via the website, or a “chat now” button. It would be beneficial for them to have some sort of way to answer questions in a timely fashion.
    Nicolle Reddington


  2. i also agree with Nicolle. I believe that it is imperative to allow users the ability to communicate as quickly as possible. The chat idea that Nicolle brought up would be a very easy way to do that. Another idea could be a forum based style of communication that way if someone else visited the site they could also chime in to the conversation if they are knowledgeable.


  3. I agree to a point as to what Nicolle said, however, I’m not so enthusiastic about having someone monitoring my conversations and I’m most certainly not going to give consent to do it.You did a great job Maureen!


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