Social Media and Your Profession

My chosen profession when I graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree will be the same as what I currently do.  I am the Director of the Standardized Patient Program at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  Although there are standardized patient programs in every medical school in the United States and basically around the world, the work that we do is not widely known or understood.  The organization that serves as the basis for the collegial exchange of ideas and methods for all those involved in SP work is the Association of Standardized Patient Educators(ASPE).  This organization, based in the United States, provides methods of communication of its members, sponsors the annual conference meeting which is widely attended, and promotes research and scholarly pursuit regarding SP methodology.

The formation of a national association of SP educators began back in the 1990’s and has continued to grow each year.  With the changes in technology abounding, ASPE has made use of social media to reach out to its members and other interested persons in the dissemination of information regarding standardized patients as well as being able to create a forum where ideas can be shared.  ASPE currently uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Scoop.IT! to reach out to the world and to create interest and discussion about all things SP.

Facebook is used as a way for those who “like” ASPE to share interesting stories of simulation activities in their Centers or simply to post items, photos or videos of interest.  Facebook is also used to promote the annual conference,

At the last conference which was held in Indianapolis in June, Twitter users were abounding as they shared items in real time about happenings at the conference.  Tweets came out about a particular session that was popular, about where folks might want to go and eat dinner and came in handy during the tornado warning that happened on the second day of the conference.

LinkedIn appears to be used more as a vehicle by which job opportunities can be shared.

One final platform is Scoop. It! which appears to be more of an educational/SP methodology sharing point where current methods or ideas can be shared.

Due to the nature of the work that is done by standardized patient educators, my thought is that each of these platforms serves a specific role and all would be effective both individually and collectively to spread the work and add to the body of knowledge of SP methodology.


One thought on “Social Media and Your Profession

  1. I have never heard of the and thought that was an extremely interesting method of social media. Using LinkedIn as a method to hire new workers is something that I have been trying to get where I work to utilize. You can easily view all of the people that they are networked and associated with as well as easily view their prior work history etc.


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