Product Launch

The product launch that I have identified is Ben & Jerry’s new core flavors ice cream that was launched recently. An example from the launch is a video clip published to Ben & Jerry’s official Facebook page, which can be found at:

In “Ben & Jerry’s Case Study:  Putting the Cherry on Top of Product Launches with Digital Marketing,” ZOG Digital reports on the launching by Ben & Jerry’s of this new product line. “The brand, known for making the best possible ice cream in the most sustainable way, found a way to put a core of fudge, caramel, or real raspberry jam inside an ice cream flavor, something unique to the market” (“Ben & Jerry’s Case Study…”).  Ben & Jerry’s realized that it needed something more than simply putting this new line in grocery store freezers and so in addition to regular forms of advertising digital media was utilized to create excitement.

“Ben & Jerry’s has been building its social community for years, rewarding followers with exclusive deals and using channels like Twitter and Facebook to drive conversations” (“Ben & Jerry’s Case Study…”).  So with this new launch, a buzz was created not only on these two sites, but also on Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and YouTube.

The launch was successful and word spread quickly among Ben & Jerry’s followers.  The article stated, though, that it was felt that Ben & Jerry’s should create social media-specific advertising for their products that would be reflective of the particular platform they are appearing on.

The article closes by stating “When combined with traditional marketing efforts such as press mentions and traditional advertising mediums, a brand can know that it has done everything in its power to put its new product in front of as many potential consumers as possible” (“Ben & Jerry’s Case Study…”). In our technology-driven world, social media has become a significant component of successful business marketing.

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One thought on “Product Launch

  1. I chose the same topic to discuss product launches! I thought Ben & Jerry’s did an excellent job utilizing social media to spread the word of their new product. Who wouldn’t love chocolate fudge in the center of their ice cream? As soon as people see something exciting like that they would immediately reshare and spread the word about the new product.


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